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Rare Disease Sloth Run

We are so excited to do our first .5k Sloth Run! You can participate in any way you would like. We have many options for those who may be unable to do the actual walk part. We want you to be active and enjoy this event while we raise money for the National MALS Foundation and Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome Research Awareness and Support. A .5k is 655 steps; the average person does over 3,000 steps daily. So a walk to the mailbox or even just walking around your house for the day can be enough to do the steps needed for this .5k! The significant part of this run is that you don't have to do that all in one day! So get to stepping and make sure you post about your progress so we can see what you are doing!

Merchandise Available: Red Bubble (NMALS) or SMAS Store (Proceeds purchased from either site will be evenly split)

SIGN UP ON A TEAM OR CREATE YOUR OWN! Compete against friends to see who can raise the most.

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