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On November 28, 2023, people all around the world are coming together to give back. Will you be one of them?

Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome Research Awareness and Support will be participating in GivingTuesday and you can be part of this generosity, too!


1.     Mark your calendar  Click to add to calendar.


2.     Give. On November 28, go to and donate. You can also support us through our Amazon wish list and when you purchase merchandise on our website.


3.     Spread the word. Encourage your friends and family to join you in creating real impact on Nov 28 by sharing what our mission means to you, and why you support our organization. Each time you share your story on TikTok, IG, Facebook, and X it encourages people to support our efforts. Be sure to #SMAS #GivingTuesday


Our 2023 impact:

Financial assistance to seven families totally $5,250

Attended International Conference of Surgeons in San Antonio

Attended American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in Boston

Held multiple zoom meeting for SMAS community during SMAS Awareness Day week

Began new support group for family and friends of those with SMAS


Our 2024 goal, as we look to the future, is to establish a patient registry. This patient registry will look for trends in any of the histories of our communities that can lead to research. We NEED research, and we know that the doctors are not doing the types of research that will lead to the answers that will solve SMAS! IF you believe this, please join our mission. We are working closely with the MALS Foundation to begin this registry. This year in the tiny country of Slovakia, ONE persistent woman was able to get her country to begin the task of diagnosing her small community with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. These people all have many of the same conditions that we share, so we know there is data to be found, we just need a registry to find it.


Thank you for your continued support!


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