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**Nov 30** Deadline to email picture to be included in the yearly **SMAS Awareness Day Video**!!

**Nov 30 Giving Tuesday** Our annual fundraising event will begin at 8AM EST and it is a worldwide event to raise funds for the SMAS Nonprofit. As most of you know, the SMAS Nonprofit provides financial assistance to people living in the US who are uninsured and under-insured. However, our Nonprofit works outside these lines by providing care packages to members around the globe, as well as cards to as many people as our card writer can send. It is one of our next goals to move to an international provider, and since we have become a member of NORD, we hope they can assist us in making those dreams a reality. So, please help us by sharing our fundraising event on your page and explain why the SMAS Nonprofit is important to you.

**Dec 10 Next deadline for Grant Application to be postmarked! This is 5 days earlier due to holiday mail. Applications can be found at**

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