2018 Application and Awareness Day

Our 2018 grant application is now uploaded on our “Grants” tab. It is also being included here in this post. If you are unable to open or print it please email us at She will ensure that you get a copy of our application. Health and Human Services has released the 2018 federal poverty guidelines and that has been updated on our website as well, but I am including it in this post for quick viewing. Our nonprofit provides grants to those who fall within the 300% income column.

The 9th Annual SMAS Awareness Day is January 28th. We ask that everyone learn one fact about Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome and teach one person about SMAS. If you do this, please post on your facebook #SMASAwareness We are trying to make it go viral this year and need everyone’s help. We also ask that everyone wear purple and post a photo of themselves in purple with the same #SMASAwareness Our facebook page will have more information and facts that you can share with your friends and family.

SMASRAS Grant Application 2018Persons in Household48 Contiguous States and D.C. Poverty Guidelines (Annual)100%133%138%150%200%250%300%400%1$12,140$16,146$16,753$18,210$24,280$30,350$36,420$48,5602$16,460$21,892$22,715$24,690$32,920$41,150$49,380$65,8403$20,780$27,637$28,676$31,170$41,560$51,950$62,340$83,1204$25,100$33,383$34,638$37,650$50,200$62,750$75,300$100,4005$29,420$39,129$40,600$44,130$58,840$73,550$88,260$117,6806$33,740$44,874$46,561$50,610$67,480$84,350$101,220$134,9607$38,060$50,620$52,523$57,090$76,120$95,150$114,180$152,2408$42,380$56,365$58,484$63,570$84,760$105,950$127,140$169,520

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SMAS Awareness Day January 28 official video is now live on youtube. Please Share and help us raise awareness. #smas #smasyndrome #nottooraretocare and post your purple pi

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We have a new shirt design by one of our SMAS warriors. It was designed with Awareness Day in mind. Jan 28 is coming up fast so please order to raise awareness and support our nonprofit! www.teespring


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