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Timmy Pettitt

February 9, 1997 - July 10, 2017

Timmy Pettitt was a super lively, joyous, loving, and beautiful person. He lived with cerebral palsy, severe learning difficulties, and epilepsy from birth, and was non-verbal,  but loved life and was passionate about being read to, socializing, and being on the move.


He developed signs of agitation and distress shortly before turning 16, and many of the things he had 

previously enjoyed quickly became too much for him. It took us 

2 and a half years to find out that Timmy had SMAS, and he 

underwent the DDJ surgery the same week. He made a good recovery for a few months 

but sadly all his symptoms began to return. The last 18 months of his life did not hold much 

joy for Timmy, but he continued to love his family and friends around him and insisted on very many books being read to him. He showed extraordinary bravery in the face of chronic and severe pain that he could not express in words, and ever-increasing fatigue, nausea, and weight loss. He was loved by all who met him and we, his mummies, will is him always and forever. In the words of one of his favourite books, “love like starlight never dies”.

Timmy's Legacy

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