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Hama Dvb T Usb Stick Software Download [Latest-2022]




Wiring - Diagrams and ready to use solder circuit board with the corresponding elements and documentation - 3M wire pull, soldering temperature, solder paste or SMT pads sizes and components - as well as ready to use wires and pins - with measurements at the backside - Includes : Transmitter, receiver, X-Pole, wire, plug, aluminum plate, screws - Double sided tape, thread, high quality acrylic resin - Separate screws to attach the antenna and USB plug (for USB connect) - Full metal gear case Dimensions : 8.5cm * 6.5cm * 1.3cm Weight : 2.1g Tested : 2 years - 9/2017Q: using requirejs to load the controllers of a rails app I have a rails app that has a lot of controllers, I have an angular.js frontend and i would like to require.js the controllers. I have used require.js in the past and i know its great at handling script files that don't depend on each other, but I have a rails app that needs to load lots of other script files so it makes sense to make use of requirejs. Is there a simple way to do this, perhaps a railscast? A: There are 2 ways you could do this. You could have your controllers output the require js script like # controllers/ class UsersController # controller code here # this would output a script # that would look like: # require( './controllers/index.js' ) end Then load the js file in your app.js file like this # app.js var require = { path: { './' : 'controllers/index.js' }, exports: {} }; require( require, function( index ) { // Now you can require controllers }); Another way would be to output the index.js as a json file and require it like this # controllers/index.js.json { "index": "./controllers/index.js" } then load it in your app.js './'




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Hama Dvb T Usb Stick Software Download [Latest-2022]

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